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“Well, it (was) a very rough, very violent era. The Vietnam War. Violence on the screens, pillage and burning… I think (the war influenced the album). Even though I was living in America only part time, I was influenced. All those images were on television. Plus, the spill out onto campuses. In Chicago, it was just like last time (1966): a lot of screamers, a lot of young girls, really young, like 12 or 14. And other places there were some who don’t listen to the music AT ALL; it’s just a fantasy experience for them. Like in Boston, that crowd had almost an identical response to what they gave us last time. But on the Coast, and a lot of other places, there was a very large cross section of people, all kinds of people, and they LISTENED. A lot of them did. That was new in some ways.” ― Mick Jagger talking about America in 1969 and New Audience.

© Photos by Chris Walter, 1969.

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"I love this picture. I ought to sign it to myself I’m so pleased with that. I’ve still got that flower, that flower is still in my possession." - Robert Plant, 2005.

Of COURSE he has a favorite picture of himself. Of COURSE he can playfully imagine autographing it for himself. This is one of my favorite things about Led Zeppelin: the goofy, giddy pleasure they took in being awesome.

Robert in particular could wink at us about being a golden god without irony or condescension because, for all practical purposes, while he was on that stage, he actually was a golden god. We were all in on it.

Maybe more than any other band before or since, they embraced us embracing them. They were passionate about giving us something worthy of our passion. 

Of COURSE he still has that flower.


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mick rising his eyebrow

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Brian Johnson AC/DC interview Cars That Rock Quest TV

At about 11:40 Brian starts talking about returning to the studio in May to July with Brendan O’ Brien.
He also talks briefly about a potential tour, but no promises there.