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Keith Richards with his guitar, 1960’s.

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How To Moonwalk In 5 Easy Steps

Because its never too late to learn!

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Anonymous Asked: Are you into BDSM?


I’ve always been a fan of Bob Dylan’s Sensual Music 

Mick, 1967.

“Well, it (was) a very rough, very violent era. The Vietnam War. Violence on the screens, pillage and burning… I think (the war influenced the album). Even though I was living in America only part time, I was influenced. All those images were on television. Plus, the spill out onto campuses. In Chicago, it was just like last time (1966): a lot of screamers, a lot of young girls, really young, like 12 or 14. And other places there were some who don’t listen to the music AT ALL; it’s just a fantasy experience for them. Like in Boston, that crowd had almost an identical response to what they gave us last time. But on the Coast, and a lot of other places, there was a very large cross section of people, all kinds of people, and they LISTENED. A lot of them did. That was new in some ways.” ― Mick Jagger talking about America in 1969 and New Audience.

© Photos by Chris Walter, 1969.

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